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Make your social media media-rich

In the world of social media, images are worth a thousand words. First, to be clear, images can be things other than photos. For example, drawings, infographics, charts, postcards and even text when designed as an image can be images. Whatever you choose, an image is more likely to be noticed, shared and ultimately more effective. Pictures and videos, specifically those embedded in the post instead of linked via YouTube, are shared 40 percent more than text. On Facebook, the engagement rate is 37% higher for posts with images. Why?

  • Images take up more space in viewers' news feeds. This increases the odds of a post getting noticed, especially on a cell phone with its smaller screen.

  • Studies show that people are more likely to remember the content of a post when it is accompanied by a striking image.

  • Photos can elicit emotional AND mental responses, motivating customers to act.

  • When using photos, don't assume you have to do everything yourself. Invite your employees and customers to share their photos. Practically everyone has 24/7 access to a camera these days.

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