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Elevating Your Social Media

Social Media Marketing World, organized by Social Media Examiner, is the only large conference with a dedicated focus on organic social, paid social, content marketing, and social strategy. If you’re a marketer, it’s a no-brainer to attend the annual event led by the world’s top experts.

Elevate Marketing Communications Manager Geneveve Topoll attended the 2023 conference and returned with tips, tricks and ideas to improve our clients’ social media marketing strategies. Keep reading for her top five takeaways from the 10th annual Social Media Marketing World!

The State of Facebook

Although some may think Facebook is dead, quite the opposite is true. Facebook hit a the milestone of two billion people logging in to the social media platform daily.

Although many users are active, reach and engagement is down for businesses. The platform is very "pay to play" and encourages marketers to increase reach and engagement through advertising.

Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, shared some research to help social media managers and business owners understand the platform’s algorithm.

- Content from friends and people followed is shown most in the Facebook feed.

- Content from people and pages individuals are not connected with are getting more reach than groups they are part of.

- Text-based posts are seeing a large amount of engagement.

- Friend reshare is a big opportunity for content reach.

What does this mean?

Facebook wants more creators and content that sparks a conversation and/or is "shareable". Our recommendation is to keep this in mind when creating a social media strategy for Facebook and in the content development process.

Create Quality Videos with Your Phone

Pelpina Trip, an internationally known video trainer, led a workshop on creating effective business videos using your smartphone.

iPhones and other smart phones are great alternatives to traditional cameras and can help quickly create videos for social media.

Before filming…

- Make sure your light source is in front of you.

- Clean your camera lens.

- Enable “Do Not Disturb”.

- Always do an audio check – record 10 seconds and play it back. Preferably use a wireless microphone.

- Make sure the background is free of distractions and clutter.

A big takeaway from her workshop was to look at the things around you differently and add layers to your videos. Layers can be different viewpoints and shots, recording while walking, adding music, changing angles and distances and most importantly, just adding movement to your videos!

Start Learning About Artificial Intelligence

Now’s the time to improve your knowledge of artificial intelligence and how it will affect the marketing landscape. Those who embrace AI will thrive.

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to generate text after a user enters a prompt. The program had 100 million users in the first 60 days it went live.

AI can make your job easier. The opportunities are endless for marketers who embrace this exciting technology. It’s predicted that everything you read or see will be crafted by AI!

Level Up Your Instagram

Content Creator Coach Millie Adrian focused her keynote session on leveling up your Instagram. Here are some key tips to get started.

- Make sure your Instagram nameplate is SEO-driven. This is the most searchable part of your profile!

- Bios should be crafted to reveal what you can offer to a potential follower. Think: Why should they follow you? What action do you want them to take?

- Use highlights to your advantage. Treat highlights as an introduction to your business – share your story, products, etc.

Lastly, if you’re looking for growth on Instagram, it’s time to invest time in Reels. Reels are designed to help users reach new eyes. They are short-form videos that can help you go viral. Other ways to grow organically include utilizing the collab features like going live with another account, posting a collaboration post and creating shareable content.

Successful Video Content Strategies

Last but not least, successful video content strategies were shared by video creator Roberto Blake.

Serving your audience needs to be the focus of your video content strategy. Take the time to identify your audience avatar - What does your audience want or need? How do your ideal viewers spend their time and money? Is there something your audience wants to achieve?

Once you’ve identified your target audience and decided on creating long- or short-form videos, make at least five content buckets. These are five ways you can demonstrate value to your audience. It’s ideal to have 20 videos for each content bucket!

Post two videos per week for long-form content and 100 videos per quarter for short-from content. Value and volume is key for growth! However, we suggest doing what is practical for you and your business and maintaining consistency for the best results.

Next Steps

That’s a roundup of a few of the key takeaways from 2023 Social Media Marketing World. Professional development and keeping a pulse on what’s happening in the industry is a priority to Team Elevate and our responsibility to our clients.

If your business or organization could use a marketing hand, please schedule a consultation with us so we can help you reach your goals.

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