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Elevating Your Writing

The ABCs of Clear and Effective Written Communication

Clear and effective communication relies on clear and effective writing. Regardless of the purpose of your piece, elevating your writing is as easy as ABC.

Accuracy - find your target and aim for it. As an author, credibility is your responsibility. Take the extra time to accurately define your message and target audience, gather relevant facts and avoid grammatical errors. Remember, readers often have high expectations and may easily dismiss work that lacks credibility or contains inaccuracies. Prove to your readers that your piece is worth their time and attention.

Brevity - in writing, less is often more. While it's important to include enough detail, readers often have short attention spans. Avoid unnecessary details that distract readers from your main message. Instead, prioritize the quality of your work over its length. This approach will yield better results every time.

Clarity - the key to effective writing. Take the extra time to re-read your work. Center your purpose and build around it while keeping brevity at the forefront. Nobody enjoys beating around the bush, so make sure your readers don't have to. When all is said and done, check for grammatical errors and run-on sentences - a second set of eyes never hurts.

Adhering to the fundamental ABCs of writing will improve the quality of your writing and the effectiveness of your communication.

Interested in taking writing tasks off your plate, or having a second set of eyes on your work? Our word wizards specialize in copywriting and editing all forms of marketing materials, as well as planning and executing communications strategies. Call us for a free review of your writing and communications projects.

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