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Elevating Your Public Relations

Marketing through public relations can give credibility to your business or brand and connect you to your target audience.

But to get it right, you need to get in the frame of mind of a news executive. They need to make sure the news they share is timely, of interest to its core audience, and benefit the community.

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STEP 1 Make sure your 'news' is newsworthy. For example, your nonprofit's upcoming fundraiser probably isn't newsworthy, but your cause can be. If you can cite statistics, include quotes from industry leaders, and explain how you benefit your community, you’ll be in a better position to garner interest from the media.

STEP 2 Determine your target audience. Do you market to other businesses? Is your shop or agency open to the public? Are you trying to appeal to a national audience? Your answer will determine if trade publications, your local newspaper, a lifestyle website, or news station might be your best bet.

STEP 3 Anticipate questions. In your pitch, describe why viewers, listeners or readers will care and always answer the who, what, when, where why, and how.

STEP 4 Send your pitch. Make sure your information is succinct and easy to navigate. Include images and soundbites that corroborate your pitch. When it’s time to send the pitch, be available to respond.

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