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It All Starts With Mindset

We used to say "mind over matter", "think positive" or "you can will it to happen". Now we know better; It's not just about how we think, it's about taking the necessary steps to change our thinking and prepare ourselves for future successes. Today, many social media influencers and authors are weighing in on the topic.

When doing a little research ourselves, we came across this quote that, we think, crystallizes the notion:

"A high performing mindset is available to everyone, without exclusion of experience, age, gender, ethnicity, or social economic status. It’s not reserved for the athletically or intellectually gifted. It’s not about winning, or being “the best,” or getting world class results. It’s about the ability to create the most optimized internal-posture for you to be your best." 

It is also important to note that, while changing your mindset is intended to improve your chances at success, it is not meant to become a permanent state of mind. Everybody needs a chance to recover, physically and mentally, so while you are setting goals, creating actionable plans and striving for more, be sure to build in rest and recovery time to avoid burnout - the archenemy of mindset.

For more information on mindset, we encourage you to research experts such as Jennifer Robinson, Brendon Burchard and Dr. Carol S. Dweck.

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