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Family Business Center's Generations Conference

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

You may be surprised to learn that many of the businesses you encounter in your daily life are founded and operated by families. Bigelow Tea, White Castle, Raley's, S&G Carpet, Green Acres Nursery, Incredible Pets, Raley's. That means that, aside from dealing with typical operational, budget and customer service issues, they have to keep their family dynamics positive, have a succession plan in place and make sure their estate is in order.

The Capital Region Family Business Center is our region's resource for these businesses that are looking for guidance to tackle these challenges and to network with other businesses in similar situations. The nonprofit hangs its hat on its Annual Generations Family Business Conference, an event that we are pleased to be part of for four years now.

As the contracted marketing and public relations agency for the organization, we have had success generating awareness for the organization and its membership based on the powerfully interesting stories that arise within these family businesses. Now as a member ourselves, we benefit from the programming on an operational level.

Generations is scheduled for April 2020 and registration is open now. Each year, hundreds of family business founders, leaders and experts gather downtown to educate and be educated, network and share their commonalities. For anyone remotely involved in a family business, we highly recommend this two-day event that features various tracks for family members in different positions or levels of management. Whether your concern is estate management, succession planning, taxes, or family dynamics, the experts featured at Generations will enlighten, inspire and challenge you.

This year, Elevate is excited to moderate a marketing panel and workshop that is designed to help family businesses establish and engage in cost-effective and impactful marketing efforts. Panelists will share their mistakes made, lessons learned and what every family needs to know to market their business.

Sign up today and we'll see you in April!

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