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NEW CLIENT UPDATE: Single Mom Strong

If you haven't yet heard of Single Mom Strong, you soon will. Just a few years ago, Tara Taylor founded the organization to support, encourage and empower single parents and their children.

In its short history, the group has grown from hosting workshops and events to now taking charge of its own building to soon operate cost-effective and value-based summer camps, childcare and preschool programs.

After reaching an agreement on direction and strategy, the Elevate team was off and running to develop new branding for the Center and childcare programs, and to share the organization's mission and programs through earned media.

Tara was selected as a finalist in Sacramento Social Venture Partners' Fast Pitch, an event that brings together area nonprofits and business, community and philanthropy leaders with $100,000 in funding and support at stake.

She is now focusing full-time on building the summer camp and childcare programs in time to help families when school is out. Interested families can learn more at

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