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Mary's Musings: The Value of Creativity and Original Ideas

We work in an industry fueled by creativity and originality. Marketing trends are everchanging, which means new, innovative ideas are more important than ever. When we create proposals for potential clients, we make sure to highlight our collective strengths as an agency, as well as present some “big ideas” to help said clients reach their marketing and PR goals. We aren’t alone in using this strategy. It’s important that agencies present their creativity and unique ideas to the client in order to establish their credibility. But this is where things get a little tricky. Once the proposal is in the hands of the potential client does not mean that the proposed ideas are the client’s to run with. (Unless of course, the client and agency have mutually agreed to enter a partnership.) It can be disheartening for communication professionals to see their ideas reused by others without their permission. It’s imperative to be sensitive to the time, effort and intellectual property that goes into each highly-personalized proposal. Just like goods and services, ideas also have value that should be recognized and respected. This concept is pivotal to the advancement and success of our industry.

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