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Loomis Basin Education Fund Presents its Inaugural MandaRIDE

We are pleased to add the Loomis Basin Education Foundation to our expanding list of nonprofit clients! Our team has taken on the PR and social media efforts to support the foundation’s inaugural MandaRIDE bicycle ride on Saturday, April 28. Ride participants have the opportunity to enjoy a guided family ride, 12-mile ride or 30-mile ride through the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills. MandaRIDE is family friendly and the perfect start to a leisurely spring morning. The proceeds raised through the ride will support fine arts and technology education in Loomis schools.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, 86-year-old Sally Tatosian will lead the ride alongside three generations of her family. Yes, you read that right. Sally is 86 and rides 12 miles every day! As a longtime Placer County resident, avid cyclist and great-grandmother to children attending Loomis schools, she is thrilled to support a cause so near and dear to her heart. We can’t wait to cheer on Sally and all our friends participating in the MandaRIDE. Click here to learn more and register!

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