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The Power of Reflection

As we get ready to put the finishing touches on a fun and fulfilling 2017, we can't help but look back and reflect on the projects, client service successes and all around feel-good moments that define the year for us. Of course, this exercise is also helpful to understand where we can refine or re-direct our efforts, if necessary. We suggest you take a few moments to do the same, both as a best practice and as a reminder of your good work in 2017.

Please enjoy Elevate's top moments of the past year, as reflected upon by our team.

Mary - Client Appreciation Event: "Every year, we mark Elevate's anniversary by hosting an event that gives us the chance to thank our clients. This year, we gathered with clients in a rustic setting to host a collaborative painting party. This was not your average 'paint 'n sip' event! Local artist Kermit McCourt led us through the process of building on each other's work so that, by the end of the night, we each had a canvas created by everyone in the room. Wood-fired pizza, local wine and beer, and a cozy wood burning stove rounded out the evening, and our team had the chance to thank our clients for the privilege of working on their behalf. It was definitely one of my favorite nights of the year!"

Cassie - Elevate Annual Retreat: "Just when I thought things had settled down a bit from my arrival in June, I found myself in a snowstorm on the last day of summer! That was the beginning of Elevate's annual retreat, a chance for us to gather as a team and re-define our personal and company vision, values and goals. What a learning experience for me! Not to mention, Mary outfitted us with some new swag. And, I have to say, waking up to a private yoga session isn't too shabby!"

Jess - Media for Tommy Apostolos Fund: "I'm a firm believer that the exposure garnered through media coverage can be the most effective fundraising tool for our nonprofit clients. And it's always a fun challenge to try to present them in a way that piques the media's interest. But nothing could have pleased me more than the home run we hit with this month's Tommy Apostolos Fund Holiday Shopping Day. Each year, the Tommy A Fund gives deserving Roseville kids $125 to spend at Kohl's for warm clothes, coats and pajamas. The smiles on their faces makes all the work so worth it and I'm grateful that so many of our media partners came out to share the images with a combined audience of over 300,000!"

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