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There's More to Social Media Than Facebook

Every business has a unique story. What better way to tell that story than with photos and short videos?

Instagram allows you to show rather than just tell. According to Hootsuite, Instagram is considered the most important social platform among younger Americans. Consequently, if your business is not on Instagram, you risk the strong possibly of being overlooked by millennials.

If you decide to take Instagram seriously, it will open up endless opportunities for your business and your brand. Forrester's study on Social Media Engagement found that top brands' Instagram posts "generated a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21 percent, delivering these brands 58 times and 120 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and Twitter respectively."

There are many resources available to help you maximize your business's Instagram presence. Here are some tips from Social Media Examiner that will help you beef up your business's Instagram:

  • Understand how to use Instagram for business - The Instagram for Business blog offers tips, examples and inspiration from Instagram HQ.

  • Build a following - It's simple; the more followers you have, the more engagement your content will receive. Some simple ways to boost your followers include linking your social media accounts, following similar accounts to your business, using popular hashtags and interacting with your followers.

  • Develop a posting plan - You may not have something ready to post on your Instagram everyday. This is perfectly acceptable (and your followers will probably appreciate it!) Create a schedule to help remind you of what to post and when to post it. Keep track of the times and the type of content that engage your followers the most.

  • Photo Contests - If there's one thing millennials love, it's photo contests. Photos contests are great tools to get your followers to interact with your hashtags and share your content.

  • Showcase your creativity - Take your followers on a visual journey by capturing your business through a unique and exciting lens. Highlighting what makes your business different will make you stand out on your followers' feeds.

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