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Elevate's top 5 social media tips!

While social media is always changing, the elevate team has crafted the top five social media tips that will help your business and organization not only improve but succeed!

A conversation on social media is only effective when business's and organizations engage with their followers and fans. As a business and organization it is important to interact with your fans by liking, commenting and sharing content. Interaction with your audience is key.

Fans and followers will not know who they are interacting with unless social media icons are present on your website. Make sure to publicize your social media presence and clearly present the social media outlets your brand is represented on.

Not all social media users are the same. It is important to know your audiences and communicate to them effectively. Your Facebook user will be different from your Twitter user, just like your Pinterest user will be different from your Instagram user.

Understand the best and the right times to post your social media content. For example, a post on Facebook after midnight on Friday night will not nearly be as effective as a post on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Last but not least, it is important to follow the 5-3-2 rule in order to increase engagement across all social media platforms. Five posts should be content from other users that is relevant to your audience, three posts should be content and design created by you and two posts should be something personal and non-work related. Humanize your brand and business, people want to feel engaged with the business and organization they are trying to communicate with.

It is also important not to overwhelm your audiences on social media with an overload of posts and content. Know when to post and be strategic about how often you post.


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