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Thank you for celebrating Elevate's 10th Birthday with your support of Single Mom Strong, an innovative and dynamic nonprofit serving single moms and their families.


To kick off their new transitional kindergarten program, please join us in outfitting Single Mom Strong's Empowerment Center with these essential items.  Bring purchased items to our Birthday Party or deliver directly to:

Single Mom Strong

7525 Auburn Blvd., Suite 5

Citrus Heights, CA  95610


Furniture & Equipment

Shelving Units Ikea 8 bin (gray) - $69.99 x 2

Shelving Units Ikea 8 bin (high gloss gray) - $69.99 x 2

Storage Box Ikea (gray) - $3.99 x 16

2 Door Cabinet Ikea (dark gray) - $70

Children's table Ikea (natural) $49.99 x 3

Children's table & 2 chairs Ikea (white pine) $29.99 x 2

Children's Tent Ikea $34.99

Children's picnic table Ikea (gray/brown) $49.99 x 2

Children's Rest Nap Mat Amazon (4-piece contemporary) $149.99 x 3

WhiteBoard/Chalk Board Amazon $47.34

Cushion- Bear-Blue/Green Ikea $6.99 x 4

Transportation Rug Ikea (green) $9.99

Town Rug Ikea (green) $19.99

Sun Rug Ikea (multi-color) $24.99

Cushion Ikea (gray) $3.99 x 4


Toys & Books

20-piece basic train set Ikea $9.99 

50-piece track set Ikea $17.99

7-piece baking set Ikea $11.99

Toy cash register Ikea $17.99

Play Kitchen Ikea $89.00

Magnatiles Amazon (100-piece set) $119.99

6-pack wooden puzzles Amazon $29.99

Marble Run Amazon $26.99

Role Play Costume Set Amazon $59.99

Meet the Sight Words Amazon (level 1) $13.99  

Seed & Trees Book Amazon $13.23

They All Saw a Cat book Amazon $12.99

Kindness Starts with You book Amazon $10.95

Waiting Is Not Easy Boo Amazon $5.99

Miss Nelson is Missing Amazon $6.39

Spaghetti in a Hotdog Bun Amazon $9.95

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