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TIP OF THE MONTH: How to Draft a Marketing Roadmap

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

It's January - time to set into motion all of the great marketing ideas that came to over the holidays. But if drafting a year-long marketing plan is a bit overwhelming, we suggest a tool that we use every year for every client - the marketing roadmap.

It's a simple visual representation of your marketing plan, but in an easy-to-follow snapshot format. Simply chart the months of the year across the top and your marketing channels on the y-axis. Fill in the pertinent marketing message per channel by month. For example, if Big Day of Giving is important to your organization, you'll want to be sure to schedule messages that promote BDoG in the beginning of the year. Feel free to use the calendar and key events and occasions in your business cycle to inspire creativity and timeliness.

If your bandwidth allows, try to track the results of your messaging. Did more people than usual 'like' the photo of your annual event? Did you notice an increase in foot traffic after you posted about a staff person's birthday? Did sales increase after you blogged an upcoming holiday?

We're in the process of finalizing our own 2020 roadmap for Elevate. Here's a quiz for you: Referring to this image, in February you can expect to see a story in this newsletter that includes what topic?

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