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Updated: Jan 8, 2020

We have had the pleasure of working with Tara Taylor for over a year now, and her passion for Single Mom Strong and The Empowerment Center and her capacity for growth never cease to inspire us.

Tara single-handedly, but with the support of donors and board of directors, founded her nonprofit that supports single-parent families and provides them with a network, workshops and quality childcare. Elevate has worked with Tara to establish her branding, launch her new childcare facility and, recently, tell her story on TV.

We are thrilled that Tara's nonprofit was most recently featured on KCRA3 and My58 - thanks to our friend and morning favorite Mike TeSelle - and served to reach thousands of people in the region. The segment, which aired on Monday, December 30, is a perfect example of how an investment in public relations can generate thousands of impressions and an exponential return.

With just under nine minutes of airtime scattered over a nine-hour period, over 200,000 viewers saw the story. If Tara had purchased advertising to achieve equivalent exposure, she would have paid over $50,000!

The landscape of broadcast TV may be evolving, but when it comes to being able to have a hand in your own narrative presented to a regional audience, the impact cannot be denied.

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