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Make #SocialMediaMonth Work for You All Year Long

Our social media guru Geneveve Topoll shares three simple tips to ELEVATE your social media presence. Give one, two or all a try!

1. Update and Optimize Your Bios

Often the first place a potential customer learns about your business is through your social media profile - moreover your bio or About Me section. Update your bio with a few short sentences about what you do, who you help or what problem you can solve. Try to think of this as a brief business pitch. Speak to your target audience directly and add some personality to stand out from competitors. Don’t forget to make sure the details you include are current – hours of operation, location, etc.

2. Be Consistent

Show up on your social media platforms consistently. When you post content, your followers should immediately recognize the post is from you! Be sure to use the same filters, colors and text fonts so every post feels and looks like it belongs. This goes for feed posts AND stories. Small details like this help a ton with brand recognition!

3. Revise Your Social Media Captions

Did you know Instagram cuts your caption off after two lines of copy and adds “…read more”? It’s true! That’s why your captions need to be clean, snappy and captivating. Consider the first sentence like an email subject line. It needs to grab the reader’s attention enough to click “read more” and further engage with your post. The key is to create content that your audience wants to consume and tease it in a way that grabs their attention instantly. Try using emojis and capital letters – they are easy ways to stop the scroll!

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