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Holding OFFICE HOURS Without an Office

Today marked the first installment of Elevate's OFFICE HOURS, an opportunity for our team to connect with the nonprofit community to address the marketing communications opportunities and challenges that currently exist while working to engage clients, donors and volunteers.

Attended by several executives, fund development managers, and those that represent nonprofits to funders, it was an opportunity for us to share what we know from experience, recently noticed within the community and hear about what our clients and nonprofits at-large need today.

With the goals of leveling up marketing efforts and maintaining or improving traction with various stakeholders, the Elevate team shared several tips and fielded questions about what efforts can be effective, appropriate and actionable when the landscape of next month, next week, even tomorrow, is unknown.

Elevate will be hosting these free OFFICE HOURS every Tuesday through the month of May. If you'd like to join us next week (no webcam needed!), email Geneveve Topoll to receive the registration link. You can submit questions ahead of time and suggest topics for future webinars. We look forward to seeing you 'in the office'!

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