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When to Post to Social Media and Why It Matters

You've developed your social media pages and managed to amass a decent following. Your content for the month is written and you're ready to post. Not so fast.

Why does the exact time of day that you post matter? Well, for starters, Facebook's algorithm prioritizes posts that receive engagement, which is why timing your posts is so important. To maximize engagement, brands need to stick to a content calendar that taps into the best times to post.

Exactly what are the best times? We have found that the answer is different for many of our clients. An e-commerce site may see patterns of shopping engagement while a corporate thought leadership account may see plenty of clicks at the start of the workday when readers are looking for inspiration.

If your business has a history with social media, use the insights tool available with every platform to discover when your customers or clients are most engaged with your brand.

If not, you can use the suggestions in this article from Sprout Social as a starting point.

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