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TIP OF THE MONTH: Branding and Design - it's harder than it seems

When we consult with a new client, we are often tasked with creating a brand identity for a new business, product or service. To be honest, it's what makes us most excited - the challenge of distilling the client's goals and personality into a direction for graphic design and, ultimately, a versatile brandmark that stands the test of time.

Of course, the success and value of a brandmark - whether new or not - diminish as soon as it is compromised. All design elements should be fiercely protected and consistent when employed across your business system - website, flyers, stationery, swag. To start with the basics:

  • Color - think Tiffany & Co.: not any old shade of blue will do

  • Size - a distorted or crowded logo is unrecognizable

  • Shape - a visual cue to your brand is a valuable one

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