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Creating a Corporate Culture

When perusing through business and industry news this time of year, you can't help but stumble upon articles on the whys and hows of company culture.

It stands to reason that companies with content and thriving employees are better off. According to a report by TruPath, 64 percent of employees say they don't have a strong work culture. If that's true, many companies are failing to provide their staff what they need to succeed in the workplace. We now know that a corporate culture defines a business in the eyes of its employees and can make all the difference when it comes to employee retention.

Forbes says that your company culture "is a reflection of what your organization stands for". When employees understand their purpose and enjoy spending time at work, it can improve everyday performance.

Elevated Culture

A few months back, we took some time during an employee retreat to brainstorm and finetune a set of values that defines our mission and how we attack and accomplish projects.

Elevate Core Values

We produce results...all the time.

We act with integrity.

We think fast on our feet and do more with less. We inspire and give back to our community.

We thrive on adventure, creativity and fun. We embrace personal and professional growth.

We value teamwork. We love what we do.

We also collectively commit to these notions that enhance our lives outside of work:

We give back: As a group and individually, we each dedicated several hours per month to volunteer in our communities. Tommy Apostolos Fund, KidsFirst, Eureka Schools Foundation and Special Olympus are just a few of the organizations that are near to our hearts.

We work out: We know that we work smarter, interact better and think clearer when we prioritize exercise and wellness. Some of our favorite places to sweat it out include 9Round Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness, Life Time Fitness and California Family Fitness. Or, look for us at local run and cycling events.

Luckily, we have the flexibility to work remotely when needed so that we can attend school conferences, take Grandma to a birthday lunch and enjoy family vacations.

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