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Elevating the Holidays

All of us at Elevate are lucky to have a large network of family, friends and colleagues,

many of whom have taken part in some of our favorite holiday traditions.

This season, we hope you have a chance to take part in some of your own and make some holiday memories. Here are a few of our favorites:

Mary: "Every year I hunt down traditional British Christmas crackers. Each has a different color crown and we wear them through Christmas Eve dinner. The kids' favorite part is the bad jokes inside the crackers: Why is Santa in therapy? Because he has low elf esteem!"

Jessica: "Just as the kids are off school for winter break, my daughter and I spend an afternoon making, wrapping and delivering inexpensive homemade gifts for the neighbors. Past crafts have included Keefe Kahlua, Keefe Bath Salts and Keefe Kandles. (I may be a copywriter, but I'm not above a misspelling in the name of the Holidays!)"

Rachel: "I grew up on a street known for its over-the-top Christmas lights. Every year we would move the fire pit to the driveway and greet the passersby with hot chocolate. Now that I'm on my own, I love taking a night to hit all of the area lights, including my childhood street. The bigger and brighter the better!"

Gifts for the Entrepreneur

And it wouldn't be the Holidays without a good, old-fashioned gift exchange. We are excited to share with you some of our current favorite reads that definitely belong on your 'wish list'!

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