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Goodbyes Are Never Easy

We are sad to announce that after a year and half as an integral member of the Elevate team, Cassie is venturing on to the next chapter in her life with her new husband in Reno, Nevada. A positive, energetic and creative member of our team, Cassie will be greatly missed by the Elevate community. Her determination to go above and beyond to serve our clients’ needs is something we truly admire about her. From social media and email marketing to business development, media relations and copywriting, Cassie wore many hats. But she willingly accepted every task that was assigned to her, with a smile and cup of hot tea in hand. We wish Cassie nothing but the best in all her future endeavors and know she will be successful in everything she sets out to do. Thank you for your commitment to Elevate, Cassie - you will be missed (now please pass the tissue).

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