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Back to Basics

SEO, social media, influencer programs, e-newsletters, display advertising, mobile apps… The list of digital marketing methods goes on and on. It’s no secret that a strong digital presence has become an increasingly important component of business marketing. While we’re all for keeping up with the times, it’s important not to forget the basics. You know—the phone calls, in-person meetings, hand-written thank you notes, delivery drops, etc. The personal touches that fewer businesses are going out of their way to do. The influential touchpoints that have the power to turn a consumer into a customer.

Keepin’ It #OldSchool

When trying to build relationships with prospects, we know that we are more likely to receive positive action when we initiate a phone call, schedule a face-to-face meeting or drop off a treat in person. As you may remember from a previous Elevate e-news edition, we attached our “About Us” information and agency capabilities to chocolate bars and personally delivered them to potential clients. Not only were the deliveries well-received (because, chocolate!), but they gave a human touch to the Elevate brand.

Integration is Key

This is not to say that traditional, tried and true marketing tactics don’t belong in your marketing strategy (if budget permits). Direct mail, print and broadcast advertisements all have proven success rates, as do non-traditional strategies such as SEO, social media, e-marketing and Google AdWords. But the extra personal touches are what make your business stand out from the crowd. The bottom line: Find ways to integrate person to person contact into your constantly-evolving marketing mix.

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