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Rebranding Can Lead to Increased Awareness and New Business

Rebranding is a great way to realign your business’s identity with your goals. If done thoughtfully, it can also generate a buzz and build or renew awareness of your business and what you do. For these reasons, businesses frequently come to us in need of a branding "facelift." Here’s a quick look at how we start the branding or rebranding process with our clients:

Understanding Your Market

The first step of any branding or rebranding effort is to have a firm understanding of the market you’re in and other businesses within it. Who is your greatest competition? What is their brand, what is their niche and what success have they had? With this knowledge, you can now identify what differentiates your business from others in the market – in other words, what makes your business or organization unique?

Understanding Your Organization

Next, it’s time to drill down on your organization and your goals. What is your niche? Who is your primary target audience (who are you trying to reach) and what do they care about? How will you reach them? Think about how you will convert them and what success will look like. Lastly, narrow down your core message. This should explain who you are and what you value most.

Your Style

Finally, it’s time to let your business’s personality shine through. Keep in mind that this information should stem from your answers to the previous questions and not vice versa. Essentially, don’t try to be something you’re not. What is your identity? (casual, playful, professional, cutting-edge, conservative, sleek & sexy) What is your voice? (authoritative, friendly, frank, compassionate) If you were a car, what kind would you be? This exercise will give you, and us, a good mental picture of your organization’s style.

Intrigued? Good. If you’re ready to tackle the next step of the rebranding process, start by giving the Elevate team a call!

Rebranding Success Story

While this is not our agency’s success story – it is certainly worth sharing!

As you may know, the Placer County Fair is just around the corner – June 21- 24 in fact! You may have noticed, like we have, that the fair has a new fun, youthful theme “ReNEW Your LOVE of Fair,” and we love it! Placer Valley Tourism in collaboration with the County has undertaken a dedicated rebranding effort for the Placer County Fairgrounds, now referred to as @the Grounds. The revamping effort includes not only a rebrand, but an estimated $8 million renovations of the grounds and buildings that is quite impressive! We think @the Grounds reflects the hip, modern and unique ambiance of the updated space. Kudos to the team at Placer Valley tourism and their visionary Board of Directors and committee members for bringing this new vision to life! We hope you’ll join us for this year’s fair June 21-24. We think you’ll ReNEW Your LOVE of Fair too!

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