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Handwritten Letters: A Lost Art?

You log into your inbox and are welcomed by over 100 unread emails. You quickly browse through a few from senders you know, trash what appears to be junk, and leave some of the messages to fill up your inbox. Now imagine sifting through your postage mail. Bills, advertisements, more bills - until you pick up a letter with your name and address nicely written in by hand. It's not hard to guess which piece of mail you're going to open first.

January 23 was National Handwriting Day. (As we noted in a previous newsletter, there is a national day for just about everything!) In an era full of emails, text messages and pesky junk mail, a handwritten letter is the best way to stand out among the clutter. Whether you're writing for personal or business purposes, everyone loves receiving handwritten mail.

Special delivery just for YOU!

The idea that someone took time to sit down and physically write you a letter is special. It's easy to type up an email on the keyboard or swipe your thumbs across a phone screen, but writing a letter requires paper, a pen, a postage stamp and most importantly, some thought. You don't have spell check to rely on, and you have a limited amount of space to fill. The extra attention to detail and careful word choice is noticed by the recipient.

Handwritten letters in business

Your clients, colleagues and business partners enjoy receiving handwritten messages just as much as you do. We recommend investing in stationary consistent with your company's brand. From thank you and happy birthday notes to congratulatory and get well wishes, you may be surprised by how many occasions call for handwritten sentiments. Due to the added personal touch, recipients will likely save your letter. Probably not something they would do with a copy of an email or a text message!

In closing, write a letter and take advantage of a simple opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

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