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Family Business Center Spotlight

Aside from producing many of the products and services we use daily, family businesses employ a significant portion of California's workforce and contribute billions to our state's GDP. Through our research representing our client, the Capital Region Family Business Center (FBC), we found that family businesses:

  • Account for 66 percent of GDP

  • Employ 64 percent of California's workforce

  • Create 85 percent of new jobs

  • Have 40 percent higher shareholder return

  • Are more philanthropic

These facts surprised our media partners just as much as they surprised us! Our efforts to highlight the incredible economic impact of California family businesses and raise awareness of FBC membership and their Generations Conference resulted in TV and radio segments on Good Day Sacramento, Fox 40, Capital Public Radio, an article in Sunday's Sacramento Bee business section and more coverage to come. Our team also coordinated day of media segments and social media coverage throughout the conference. We are excited to have increased visibility for FBC and their Generations Conference!

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