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8 Email Marketing Tips You Should Know

In celebration of our eighth year in business, here are eight email marketing tips that we think you may find helpful. Email marketing is a powerful tool that we offer in-house to many of our clients. When implemented correctly, email marketing can help your readers feel connected to your business. Keep the following ideas in mind when creating your next email marketing content:

1. Review your subject line. Your subject line is the first line of text that your readers’ see. It should be engaging, brief and informative. According to Marketing Sherpa Blog, people are more likely to open an email with a clear, specific subject line than a clever, vague alternative.

2. Distribute at the right time of day. Many email marketing services tell you the best time of day to send your email based on your industry and subscriber list. You can schedule your emails in advance to ensure they go out at the optimum time of day.

3. Keep it short and concise. Think about how many emails fill up your inbox every day. No one has the patience to read long, drawn out emails that they aren’t required to read. Keep your copy short and to the point. If you have a lengthy article, we recommend including a short paragraph or two in the body of your email and linking the rest of the article back to your website.

4. Use images. There’s a reason why picture books are so appealing. Images allow you to show rather than tell and limit you copy to the most important details.

5. Keep it branded and consistent. To ensure brand recognition, your brand guidelines (logo, fonts, colors, messaging, etc.) should always be incorporated in your email marketing content.

6.Use a natural, friendly voice. Your goal through email marketing is to establish a friendly relationship with your readers. Once you establish a relationship, your readers are more likely to buy your product, support your cause or attend your event. Your tone should be conversational and informative.

7. Highlight what you can do for your reader. We tend to focus on what our readers can do for us. Instead, try focusing on how your product, cause or event will make your readers’ lives better.

8. Evaluate campaign results. Take advantage of the reports you have access to thanks to your email marketing provider. Analyze popular subject lines, follow up to specific readers’ who clicked on a certain link, identify who unsubscribed or joined your mailing list and adjust your content accordingly. Above all, have fun and try testing out new ideas to better connect with your readers.

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