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Retreat Takeaways

As you may have read in our September newsletter, we set out on our annual retreat to the mountains last month. To our surprise, we were welcomed with a beautiful afternoon full of SNOW (go figure, on the last day of summer!) Our cozy retreat consisted of creative collaboration, self reflection, yummy snacks by the fire, lots of laughs, team building, and we can't forget to mention the awesome Elevate swag - check out our fleeces!

Returning to the office renewed and excited, a retreat was exactly what our team needed. Here are a few of our retreat takeaways:

1. Core values - we spent a good amount of time addressing our core values and our mission and vision for Elevate. This was a great brainstorming exercise and we realized how in sync we are as a team.

2. Fun is a must - You didn't think it was all work for us did you? We tasted wines throughout the evening, cooked an intricate dinner together and had an in-home, private yoga session in the morning. It was a great time!

3. Growth - We are excited to grow and take Elevate to the next level. Our retreat was the ideal setting to address our goals and how we will put them into motion.

4. Set aside agency time - In order for Elevate to grow, we realized the importance of dedicating time exclusively for the agency. Eventually, we decided to add monthly agency development sessions to our calendars.

5. Big plans are in the works for us - stay tuned to find out what that means...

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