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NEW CLIENT PROFILE - Family Business Center, Capitol Region

Family Business Center was founded in 2005 as the result of collaboration between local community business leaders who saw a compelling need to provide family businesses in Northern and Central California with consistent and professional resources to meet their unique needs.

Elevate is excited to work with FBC's leadership to increase membership and promote its annual conference,Generations, through direct marketing and media relations.

The economic and social impact of family businesses is surprising, if not staggering, and requires a specific understanding of how they operate, contribute, and effect our country's bottom-line.

Family businesses:

  • show higher profitability over time

  • hire more and lay off less

  • are prone to philanthropy and charitable giving

  • think long-term to create a legacy

  • are financially prudent

For these reasons, Family Business Center exists to support these oftentimes multi-generational companies as they deal with financial challenges, personalities and succession to ensure their survival and success.

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