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2017: The year of simplicity

The beginning of the new year is the time when every business owner should take a step away from the day-to-day grind and give a good, hard look at the past year's performance. After all, if you're not in tune with what worked over the past 12 months, how are you going to know what to adjust for the year to come?

When it comes to real estate, experts say to keep location at top of mind. But when we're talking marketing, the key word is SIMPLE.

You probably already have budgets, customers and inventories forecasted for the coming year. But what about strategy? Where will you spend those dollars? Who will you target?

Sometimes those answers can be moving targets, depending on opportunities that arise or changes in the market or trends. But it's important to remain true to a specific plan. Luckily, if you keep the plan simple, that's easier to do!

- Identify target audience(s): By segmenting your customers based on purchases, habits, or demographics, messages can be tailored for the reader/viewer. And they should be.

- Create a roadmap: Identify the marketing channels that best reach your target audience(s) - social media, email marketing and enewsletters, print advertising, direct mail, educational seminars etc.

- Tailor your messages: Next, determine the key messages you want to convey to your target groups, and tailor your messages to the delivery channel you will be using - social media messages will be much more concise than an enewsletter article for example.

- Calendar your marketing communication: Calendar your messaging by month - take advantage of seasonal themes and opportunities, key sales or business cycles etc. to promote your business. This is the equivalent of an outline for a business report and will give you the guidance you need to keep on task so that you don't miss any opportunity to communicate.

- Keep it consistent: As always, remain true to your branding, messaging and product/service. Consistency builds awareness and that builds loyalty.

If any of these tips seem helpful but just out of reach, contact us! We'd love to create a strategic, effective and SIMPLE plan for you.

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