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New client profile - SILVER PATHWAYS

What started out as a career in clinical care for the elderly, Kristina Blocker has turned into a sought-after agency to help families and caregivers plan for the inevitable transitions in the lives of seniors.

Blocker's passion was and still is helping families navigate the path of coping with a dementia diagnosis by counseling them through the stages, explaining what to expect, and recommending alternative housing options as symptoms progress. With that mission, Blocker started Dementia Care Advisor, an Auburn-based agency that frequently partners with our client Seniors First to find appropriate housing for seniors.

As Blocker's client base expanded, she realized the limitations of her brand name and enlisted Elevate to help. Through a series of discovery meetings, Kristina has renamed her agency Silver Pathways, with a nod to her silver-headed clients and the dynamic relationships she has with them as they age.

Still ahead for Kristina are a branding system, updated website, and marketing collateral. Helping seniors in all sorts of situations, with a brand name that now fits, Kristina and Silver Pathways are poised for a successful future.

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