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The Importance of Media Mix

Contacts, touches, impressions - all terms to measure how your brand, product or service is connecting with your clients, thus achieving brand awareness. Any marketing research or blog will tell you that several impressions are necessary before a customer will commit to a purchase.

How many? Well, it depends - on your pricepoint, reputation, established familiarity, etc.

For general purposes, marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant has established the 'rule of seven'. That is to say, "to penetrate the buyer's have to contact the prospect a minimum of seven times in an 18-month period."

Does this mean that you should place ads in your local paper for seven consecutive weeks and...mission accomplished? Or boost your Facebook posts seven times and sales will increase?

Absolutely not. In fact, the opposite is true. We recommend layering your message via more than one medium, engaging clients through all senses when possible.

When combined, all of these avenues will work together to solidify your brand, image and reputation.

  • P.R. - low cost per impression, provides implied endorsement, time-intensive

  • advertising - higher cost, able to easily disseminate important information

  • social media - low cost per impression, engages customers, creates relationships

  • outreach/events - face-to-face interaction, establishes rapport with clients

Caveat: When making media purchases, remember to think strategically and segment your audience by as many demographic parameters as possible. After all, there's no need to pay for readers or viewers outside of your ideal age bracket, income level, stage of life, or geography.

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