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BRAND CONSISTENCY: Don't Cheat Yourself

The goal of any marketing campaign is to raise awareness, creating a top-of-mind memory for your customers or clients. When they need _______, they think of you.

To that end, you've probably invested in a logo, business cards, a web site, social media, maybe even some marketing collateral.

Stick with it

Because successful branding is achieved over time, not overnight, consistency in your messaging and visuals is key. But, in today's marketplace there are more channels than ever before, digital and print, in which to convey your brand. This makes it even more challenging to remain consistent and puts you at risk for confusing your customers.

Establish brand guidelines

When your company strictly monitors how your name and image are used, your brand is likely to gain familiarity with your target audience as you work to increase exposure. Ensure that your brand's logo, fonts, imagery and tone have a clear and consistent direction, and don't waiver.

Hire the right person

Sometimes that means leaving design and copy decisions to one person. After all, it's easier to be consistent when multiple opinions and styles aren't involved.

Whatever approach you take, be thoughtful in your concept and execution, protecting the equity your brand has earned along the way, and soon you'll begin to see the rewards of your efforts.

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