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NEW CLIENT PROFILE – New Mourning Counseling Group

Our clients and friends are a great source of learning. Everyday you teach us about local programs, new products, city news and all of the things that make our community a great place to live, work and play.

One such example, is the breadth of programs and services offered by our client, New Mourning Counseling. New Mourning's Executive Director, Sherry Douden, contacted Elevate to discuss a name change and new collateral for the non-profit.

From that meeting, Sherry now has a new name, updated messaging and an updated logo (look for New Mourning to unveil its new identity as Insights Counseling Group in the coming months), and

our team learned about the nuances of dealing with the many life transitions that we all encounter.

As Sherry puts it, ""Even seemingly happy events like marriage or childbirth can trigger feelings of loss or sadness. We help people create a sense of congruency with their circumstances and situation."

We're comforted knowing that people and programs are available to serve those that need a little support during new situations and tough times.

To learn more about New Mourning visit

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