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New Client Profile - Zen Spa

As we begin this new year, we'd like to welcome our newest client, Zen Spa, into the elevate family.

At a time when most of us are already frustrated with our inability to keep our New Year's resolutions (has anyone else skipped the gym this week?) - statistics show only 8% of us will succeed – Zen Spa has one that you will actually want to keep: De-stress in 2015.

Easier Said Than Done?

Experts say the first and simplest step needs to be carving out a little 'me' time - even just an hour - during a hectic week. That may seem stressful in and of itself, but our friends at Zen Spa in Roseville make it easy.

Swedish Massage is widely known to encourage general relaxation, relieve muscle tension and promote circulation. The massage therapists at Zen Spa in Roseville specialize in Swedish massage, are available by appointment at your convenience, and have years of experience.

That just-right temperature, calming scent, soft lighting and soothing music. As soon as you walk in, you won't have a choice but to relax! For more information or to make your appointment, please visit them at

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