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Facebook: "Like" or "Dislike"

Almost as many people are on Facebook as live in China - 1.35 billion people! That's half of ALL internet users.

Never before has there been a more user-friendly, cost-effective, immediately-connecting vehicle for businesses, small and large alike, to connect with their customers. The 'mom and pops' can keep their local clientele updated on inventory or daily specials while national or internet companies gain insight on widespread trends and sales.

But, as with all marketing tactics, there are definite 'dos' and 'don'ts' when initiating such communication.

Do use questions and open-ended statements to pique replies and engagement with customers.

Do keep posts simple and concise. Data shows customers are more likely to engage when posts are less than 80 characters and include no more than one photo.

Do take the time to gauge what type, frequency and time of posts appeal most to your customers using Facebook Insights.

Don't inundate your customers with too many posts. Five – seven times a week is plenty.

Don't ignore customer feedback. Whether a comment is positive or not, everyone deserves a response. They've taken the time to give you a chance to reply or possibly set the record straight, so you should.

Don't forget the 'social' in social media. Facebook is a place to share your company's personality, not just your inventory. Be sure to share something fun or funny two or three times per week.

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